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Propulsion Control Engine Parameters and Calibration graphics screen. POWERPLANT Specialists developed this and other graphic displays to help operating personnel in the performance of their duties.  We are pleased that the vast majority of our  graphic displays have been  well received by the ship's crews.  Vessel engineers are a tough lot to make happy!

A nice Seattle January day on Puget Sound as we transited out of Seattle’s Elliott Bay in support of vessel sea trials being conducted by the shipyard.  

One of the Main Diesel Engines, an EMD 710-T3 engine on M/V Samish during vessel construction. POWERPLANT Specialists was responsible for integrating the controls & monitoring instrumentation for these engines so that information is available to the operators.

POWERPLANT Specialists was responsible for termination and loop testing of the low voltage (24VDC) circuits for both the propulsion systems, and the alarm and monitoring systems on the Washington State 144-Auto Ferries using State and Coast Guard approved drawings.

Mimic Panel for Monitoring Controllable Pitch Propeller Main Hydraulics.

Assembled by POWERPLANT Specialists and integrated to vessel systems.

6,000 HP Main Reduction Gear manufactured by Rexnord’s Falk Gear Division.   POWERPLANT Specialists evaluated the peripherals and instrumentation of this equipment and made recommendations that improved reliability and resulted in reduction of parasitic loads representing fuel savings of about $15,000 per year in each vessel of this four vessel class.  

Engineering Operating Station,  Pneumatic Control Cabinet in background, and desk top interface to Alarm & Monitoring System in foreground. Pneumatic Controls are secondary backup system.

Other Projects

When you're dealing with complex systems you need people who think at the systems level while paying attention to every little detail.  Our Principal learned that as a nuclear submarine officer specializing in propulsion systems.  We make sure that attention to detail is reflected in every thing we do.

Power Plants

We approach our projects to produce a quality product for the customer.   We wear many hats as we represent customers, work with contractors, and are a preferred supplier. Because we do this work as a subcontractor to a larger organization that is in the heavy machinery business, many of the other contractors do not even know our name, but they certainly know how to get a hold of us and they do so frequently. 


SYSTEMS integration

Engineering Operating Station:   Main control and monitoring console on Washington State Ferries Olympic Class boats. POWERPLANT Specialists was responsible for propulsion systems and alarm integration of this console with the rest of the ship's systems. 

Even though a small company, Powerplant Specialists, LLC, has become the preferred provider of Systems Integration Services for the largest commercial ferry fleet in the United States working continuously in this capacity since 2005.